Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Onwards and upwards and....


I am so thrilled that I am able to get out and do more, but it's been taking its toll and I need to be aware of that. Apparently everyone has an energy bank and needs to be careful to not use it up and ensure it gets replenished, and I have been on the brink of no energy in my quest for getting on with life! I've not been sleeping well either - could be the weather with its mugginess and prickly heat and waking me up, could be the fact I hate getting put to bed at a certain time and my body's rebelling, could be me thinking too much at night (I'm not worrying/ stressing though). I am also being woken at 7.00 am every morning apart from Sunday which is totally unnatural - I need more 'natural' wakings and lie-ins. So the last couple of weeks have been fabulous with lots of end of term stuff with school and the PTA, work, family outings and brilliant visits but tiring and a new balance needs to be found.

Hopefully, the care agency can help with giving me a lie-in once or twice during the week, with them coming a little later in the morning. They're sorting the logistics of this at the moment and I hope to hear tomorrow or Friday what they can do. I'm also going to get some drowsy antihistamines to take before sleep; the hospice nurse is sorting this for me so I don't rattle too much with my various pills. So please keep your fingers crossed that I can sort these energy levels, get a decent sleep pattern back and carry on as per usual! There's too much I want and need to be doing right now and I don't want annoying tiredness to stop me!

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